Lift Off

Welcome to my side of the universe


This is a place to dump my thoughts, memories, and stories. This is a kaleidoscope of laughter, poetry, words, photos, God’s reminders, geek stuff, and everything in between.


Every little testimony is a scream into a void that could trigger the next supernova. (Getting carried away by these metaphors).

There are stories: the tragedies, comedies, and dramatic ones that fill up the broad billboard signs; that settle on the pages of a hardbound book; that scatter across airwaves; that spill from the lips of a lyricist; that find permanence in the ink of a poet.

And then there are stories. The ones that spark epiphanies of sorts and bloom into realities that are bright enough to burn through the dark. There are words that litter the void like stars, pointing to the way back home when the night falls.

This little cyber nook was meant to chronicle those stars stories.


Find. Read. See?

Would you like to go stargazing with me?


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